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by Alex Walton

Saw my body bounce against the rocks Symmetrical images back to infinity I'm a natural occurrence in the singing world, but Nothin bout that pays for my meals Got too many friends to try and look after Too many Bach records covered in piss I'm not the biggest fan of blunt trauma to the head, but I know when something's real There's a glitter rock act claiming to let you see Real live homosexuals up on the stage I'd pay my five cents to take a peek, but They wouldn't even let me in the tent There's a lone gunman coming in from out of state Been in secret chats with the ATF Filling him with all kinds of dirty thoughts Shooting him up with crystal meth Met the love of my life on the Khyber Pass Both reached for the same gold plated AK Just someone who yearns for me The way some lament what they're not allowed to say I've had nothin to eat today except Tommy Wright CD and Les Chants de Maldoror Left Duck Soup playin on the living room TV Lay prostrate squirming on the floor Been reduced to awareness of my processes Feel my stomach pushing hard against my spleen Feel the inside rub against the outside, and Finally understand what my words mean All my girls just die too young This kinda living don't let you go too long If I had any kind of self aggrandizement left, well I'd say I know the difference between right and wrong When I try to think of how I used to look Try to remember how I used to be All I recall is a glowing white mist Can't recognize a single picture of me My transient state's a real kinda drag and Assumed personalities really got me down My life's become a system of reconciliation Dysmorphic fugue got me wearin a frown
Caught betwixt the vacant plots Of Charlemagne and Salem's Lot Someone has got to put an end To all the pain and misery That provides electricity To the world we find ourselves in In the near black shadowed light I reach out to heaven's might There be a way for me to be saved Headlights dance like fire cross My windshield wet with the loss Of another bright summer day
I'm in so much pain it should be illegal Oh these days, I don't feel too regal I feel just like a child I feel just like a child Like lying in bed at age 17 Like crying in bed at age 17 I never wanted to make such a scene Never wanted to make such a scene But I can't help myself sometimes Sometimes I can't help myself I'm a genuine cocksuckin bastard kid and I really don't know what I did To end up this way To end up acting this way To engage in all this ******* ******** And take it to such extremity I couldn't stop and ask what it means No I never stopped to think what it means Measuring time by the cigs I smoke Measuring myself against my jokes They're as funny as a car crash As witty as a bed rash Need someone to recontextualize me Need someone to force me to see how I can Stop losing all my friends How I can be someone on you can depend But I, I can't help myself sometimes But this is not an attempt to shift off my guilt I know I can be a real bastard sometimes But this is not an attempt to make you feel guilt




released April 7, 2023

written performed and produced by alex walton

"full life consequences" and "brighter summer day" were engineered by and coproduced with harmony pulaski and feature brendan dunphy on drums, alexei petrov on guitar, and jaden cruz on bass.

"bastard song features alexei petrov on guitar and bass




YOUTH AGAINST SATAN Boston, Massachusetts

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